Introduction to Digital Photography – a Workshop in coimbatore

Photography Workshop

It was a great occasion for GLO Digital Press. They were celebrating their 33 years of service in the photographic field as well as their launching of HP Indigo 10000 Printing machine on 4th and 5th of April, 2014. This machine is the best one available as on date in India. And this meets 98% of offset requirements. Glo Digital Press had organized this mega event in such a way that it could help and support photographers belonging to all branches of Photography. Display of prints by various photographers, display of their albums and posters, and free photography workshops for knowledge sharing were the highlights of this event.

As a faculty, I was invited by the organisers to handle a photography workshop on: Introduction to Digital Photography. It was a great occasion to meet many budding photographers as well as many professional photographers. I enjoyed speaking to and answering question from, fellow photographers. Participants asked many questions on cameras, lenses, lighting, brands, sensors, pixels, etc., Numerous visuals were shown to the participants as slide shows.  I kept the show as an interactive one so that the knowledge sharing was seamless. Many images referring to Candid photography, Street photography, Travel photography, Industrial photography, Product photography, Nature photography etc., were shown and a detailed explanation was given each image.

photography Workshop in coimbatore

At the end of the photography workshop many participants met me personally and thanked for the knowledge I shared with them. Of course it was joyful listening their words.  I take this opportunity to thank Mr.T.S.Ramanan managing director of Glo Color Labs for organising such a wonderful event and inviting me to conduct a photography workshop on digital photography





Photography Workshop – Coimbatore


Photography Workshop  at Coimbatore- DSLR Settings and Lens Selections :

Photography workshop

It was a two days workshop conducted by Srini Institute of Coimbatore for professional photographers. Amateurs too took interest and attended this Photography Workshop. The topic of the workshop was : DSLR Settings and Lens Selections.

Photography workshop of this nature, I think, is the first time ever conducted in Coimbatore. First day we focused on DSLR settings.  The second day we focused on Lens Selections.  We went step by step in setting the camera and the students were explained the reason behind doing those settings. During DSLR settings class it was also discussed to set the camera for optimum results. The second day was all about Lenses. Participants learnt how the fixed focal length and zoom lenses are manufactured. They also learnt about  the lens elements and groups in lenses. Intensive discussion was also on Perspective and how various lenses influence the perspective in an image. The workshop was supported by numerous Visuals, slide shows, videos, and plenty of demos.  All the participants were so much excited and delighted at the end of the workshop . Many expressed that it was a turning point in their life. All the participants unanimously requested me to conduct such photography workshops often in Coimbatore .


Photographing Butterflies is a tricky affair especially in tropical countries.  Opportunities they provide for a photographer is very brief.  One has to be very much alert and observant. One must  know their habits and  food plants as well as the plants where they prefer to roost.

It is the migration time for butterflies and they are in the last leg of their migration in my part of India. Yesterday evening I was searching for such rooting butterflies in my garden (designed to attract butterflies).  And I found this beautiful “Lime Butterfly” which was fluttering here and there to find a suitable place to settle for the night.  After I ensured its settlement I approached it in a very slow phased manner. First, I calculated the working distance by moving the camera to and fro and this gave me a hint as where to place my tripod. Then I mounted my Canon with 100mm Macro lens on the tripod with 580 Ex flash connected through an off the camera chord. Started to shoot making experiments with flash, giving importance to its texture.

As the shot was done after sunset by about 7 PM the background was rendered dark. I decided to continue my shooting next day morning also.I got up very early morning by about 5 am and visited the place where it was roosting yesterday. I was so lucky to find it there and waited for the sun to rise up to illuminate the background. I balanced the ambient light with my flash to take the above shot. The camera setting was the same as yesterday and in addition I used a cable release to trigger the shutter as the shutter speed was very low. The colours of the butterfly in both the images do differ from each other as they are lit by different sources.

Lime Butterflies are also known as Lemon butterfly, Citrus Butterfly, Lime swallowtail and Chequered Swallowtail. Their favorite plants are Curry-leaf, Citrus, Radish